I don’t know what it is but British vocalists really do it for me, at least that’s been the case over the past few months. Since starting at PureGrain, I’ve reviewed a range of bands from Fizzy Blood to Whiskey Ritual and Sewer Rats is yet another example on that list.

Fucked up, completely falling apart, barely coherent, it’s the perfect way to slobber all over a rhythm section that is as erratic as it’s target audience’s heart rates, with a sludgy-as-swampland riffery that is as fat as it is stacked. It’s a tremendous step in the right direction for sludge and stoner metal in the UK, carrying some speed and urgency, strutting with tremendous swagger. It’s also got a far more evil sound, which is a welcome respite from the more artsy, ennui-focused, or progressive contemporaries in the landscape of metal these days, with “Take Me Home” being a perfect example. It’s thrashy, it’s grim, it’s rough, and it’s probably got some vomit on its shirt, but it’s also killing it on the stage. Something not many others can say these days.

It also came out nearly six months ago, so my apologies to the band for that. But on balance, this is the kind of drugged up sludge fuckery that you should be banging in your car to clear traffic just in time for summer.

Mother Acid Track Listing:

01. Mother Acid
02. Take Me Home
03. I Need You Now
04. Mary Stole The Sun
05. MXE

Run Time: 23.58
Release Date: October 28, 2016

Check out the stream of “Mother Acid”