An EP ranging a mere 3 tracks should not leave a person amiss of where to begin, but alas it’s where I stand. Join me in being stoked on Kaptur, and their most recently released EP, Go to Waste. Though, it’s tricky to fully know how to comprehend these very unique songs. Kaptur is best described as being an experimental indie-rock outfit. Emphasis on experimental.

The first tune off Go to Waste is “Futureproof” which has a wicked build up. It plays with the assumed influence of Foo Fighters in the vein of Radiohead sounding like Ben Gibbard fronting an indie Canadian Smashing Pumpkins. And while that analogy could probably not be more reaching, it’s accurate. Slightly more upbeat than “Futureproof”, the 2nd song, “Dead”, follows the same formula. On closing tune “Stalemate” is where Kaptur bends, making it the wild card of the three. “Stalemate” has an interesting mix of sounds ranging from Brit pop-punk mixed with mid-2000’s emo. They manage to pump out so many sounds on each tune without sounding overwhelming, but rather refreshing; It’s non-stop electricity throughout.

Kaptur is a new band that has a great understanding of balance and beat, I commend the versatility on Go to Waste. The ebb and flow in each track is something you can’t help but feel – especially when paired with good headphones. Three songs too short, I want to hear what Kaptur would do with a full LP.

Go to Waste EP Track Listing:

01. Futureproof
02. Dead
03. Stalemate

Run Time: 13:10
Release Date: February 3, 2017

Check out the song “Futureproof”

Danica Bansie is a writer and photographer from Canada.