The Monsters of Rock Cruise is about to embark on a Caribbean rock extravaganza! As we set sail out of Tampa, the first of the 30 bands to join us is Winger, performing during our “Sail Away” party on the pool deck, which has been transformed into the ultimate floating concert stage. Danger Danger is one of the next to perform in the “Pacifica” theatre. Night Ranger takes the stage up on the pool deck, then back to the Theatre for Kix.

This cruise puts some mileage on your shoes. Concerts happen at venues throughout the ship, and usually overlap one another, so you really have to plan which you want to see. The good thing is that every band performs twice. Daily concerts begin shortly after lunch, and go on all day. The last show of the day is usually around midnight. There is also a “photo experience” happening everyday, where fans have the opportunity to get their picture taken with all the bands.