Thrust in my direction by our esteemed publisher, my interest was piqued in Driven after the band promised a sound that didn’t quite fit in anywhere and, furthermore, by announcing they had been likened to bands such as the Deftones, Royal Blood and Korn, I couldn’t wait to start dissecting what these Canadians are all about.

And, having sat through Driven a few times now, it’s fair to say that, trying to pinpoint the spine of their sound is something of a fruitless task because there isn’t one moment of the thirty three minutes that Driven is spinning where any of it sits comfortably anywhere.

Is that the sign of a good band, a bad band or an insane band? Who knows? Who cares? All I know is that listening to the sassy, rough-around-the-edges, groovy, slightly trippy sound that rumbles out of this band is a real experience. It’s not a comfortable one by any long shot, but it’s hard not to find the unrelenting, infectious groove of “Soak It Up” or the driving, raw, throaty vocals of “Vibrant Heels” to be utterly hypnotising.

To be honest, and this is in no way detrimental to what these Canadians are all about, if you don’t get Driven on the first few listens then there is probably no point in persevering because you’d just be wasting your time. However, if you find yourself captivated or even just a little bit fascinated by the schizophrenic sounds of “Trick It” then stick with Driven because you won’t be disappointed.

Driven Track Listing:

01. Royal Mud
02. Soak It Up
03. Running Girls
04. Vibrant Heels
05. Trick It
06. Sun Goddess
07. Bad Milk

Run Time: 33:22
Release Date: February 10, 2017

Check out the track “Soak It Up”


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