Adaptive Reaction are a group based in Toronto, Ontario that mixes many influences including punk, goth, metal and industrial. Their new release, Radio Darkness, is a unique blend of all those styles, and features a really heavy political undertone. This band is more than just a band, it’s a movement of free speech. Adaptive Reaction, specifically their frontwoman Lex Gore, are huge political activists and constantly fight for freedom of speech and equality, both online and in the streets.

Overall, I really love Radio Darkness. It’s very focused, and its subject matter is all very real and current. It reminds me of so many great things, yet has a sound that is extremely unique. Though the lyrics are quite serious; I find it to be a fun and high energy listen and appreciate that the message is so direct. I also really like their use of synthesiser, an instrument that generally bothers me. Lots of cool sound effects and Numanesque melody lines thrown in throughout the record. I also really love the back and fourth singing between Mykel and Lex – it really adds a lot of contrast to the songs.

A must-own for any fans of gothic punk rock, collectors should note that the band are soon to also release the album on colored vinyl.

Radio Darkness Track Listing:

01. Skin Suit
02. Rock N Roll Is Doomed
04. Censorus
05. Monsters
06. PWND
07. Refugees
08. Lullaby
09. Drop Your Bombs
10. Possess Me
11. Radio Darkness

Runt Time: 34:05
Release Date: October 10, 2016

Check out the song “Skin Suit”