Montreal five-piece band Le Trouble stopped by The Garrison last week (February 16th, 2017), performing a wealth of material from their recently released new album Making Matters Worse (Indica Records). Support this evening came via Toronto’s Thrifty Kids, a female-fronted four-piece surf rock act, emulating a bit of Tanya Donelly’s back-catalog mixed with their own unique up-tempo sound. Fans in the crowd could be seen arm-in-arm, dancing to many of Thrifty Kids songs.

After a thirty minute break, Le Trouble had no trouble making matters better as they worked their way through an assortment of their original tracks, most of them, from their new album. Three tracks from their major label debut EP Reality Strikes (Republic Records) were included this evening, along with a song I believe called “Sunflower”, that I can’t seem to place. It may have been a cover.

Lead singer Michael Mooney delivered an energetic performance, jumping to the floor to dance arm in arm with a patron midway through their set. Their sound is a sublime mixture of modern independent pulling from the past via acts like The Strokes, Modest Mouse and even a dash of Lou Reed.

This evening was a good show – two up-and-coming bands with decent sounds and stage presence. Watch for them the next time they roll through town.


How Was I To Know
White Knuckles
Real Talk, Pt 2
Fatal Flaw
What Do You Want From me
Sunflower (a cover, perhaps?)
Help You Out
Call You Out
Ghost Surfer USA
Sad Blondes
Mission Bell


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