Ever felt sad because your pet wasn’t as punk as you? Ever felt like your dog needed a new avenue to express their inner-angst and hardcore feelings? Good news! The folks at Caninus Collars have a line of collars and leashes that can help your pet show the world just how punk they truly are. If Caninus Collars’ name rings a bell, you’re probably familiar with the dog-fronted band Caninus. There is a connection — the brainchild of pit bull grindcore, Rachel Rosen (Indecision / Most Precious Blood), is not only the guitarist for Caninus, but also one of the folks behind Caninus Collars.

You can only imagine my reaction when an email with the subject “Is Your Pet Punk Enough” arrived in my inbox. Obviously, I immediately consulted my dog, Mr. Jesse Lacey, and asked him which collar he wanted. He barked emphatically at the prospect of sporting a Misfits collar, so the choice was obvious. Sure enough, the collar came in the mail, and DAMN, my son looks hardcore!

Important details: the collars are INCREDIBLY well-made, which is great considering my 55 lb, three-legged monster likes to pull on the leash like there is NO TOMORROW. Even after a few weeks of wear and use, the collar showed no signs of distress. So, fear not! Even if your dog likes to walk you rather than vice versa, this collar is tough enough to handle even the most rebellious of pups.

Moral of the story: If you’ve got a dog and like hardcore music, what are you waiting for? Your dog is dying to express their inner rock-star, and who are you to keep them from achieving their punk dreams?

As of right now, Caninus carries hardcore pet apparel from bands like Misfits, Sick Of It All, Madball, Terror, and Indecision. Soon, you’ll also be able to grab harnesses, bandanas and pet band t-shirts, too. Check out A Fading Bloodline www.caninuscollars.com for the full range of pet apparel and make sure your pet is just as punk as you!

Check out the official Sick Of It All collar and leash set