You have to love grindcore genuinely. Where else can bands release an EP (or an entire album for that matter) on a 7″? Here we have the second outing from mighty Swedish act Axis of Despair, to totally tear throngs a new one. The pedigree here are ex-members of Nasum, Coldworker, Overtorture, and Volturyon to name a few, giving a blistering round of high-speed heart attack material to mosh or skateboard around the living room and dismantle the couch (me, never done such a thing).

This EP continues the smackdown started on their 2015 debut blast, Time And Again. Average time for the six tracks are a minute and a half, give or take a few seconds. The opening cut “The last sight” is a scathing affair and is the longest at two and a half minutes, but full of sharp and crisp riffage that pummels you for the duration. It truly makes me miss Nasum, to be really honest, as this reviewer was (is) a fan of fine Swedish grindcore. This is tight and right on point as any good grind should be.

In the end, the takeaway is that no notes are wasted and points are made succinctly. No-one is looking to rewrite the book here, just to ensure it’s proper, which it is. The tones, energy, and attitude definitely leave this with an instant replay value. The opener, “Skulking”, and “Life On Standby” are choice here, but all tracks are just as valid. One hopes that this year AoD raise the bar a bit when the full-length comes, and that those pining for a good mosh can get to catch these gents at a festival or gig sometime soon. If that happens, better head out to check them, as it rarely gets this good and old school, nowadays.

Mankind Crawls [EP] Track Listing:

01. The last sight
02. En Vansinnesdans
03. Enclave
04. Under the Surface
05. Skulking
06. Life On Standby

Run Time: 9:32
Release Date: January 13, 2017

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