The problem with groups claiming influence from early Sabbath is that early Sabbath influenced so many damn acts that it’s pretty much anyone’s guess what the band is actually going to sound like. In the case of The Sore Losers, it is quite the opposite. And, as last month marked the release of their album Skydogs, we were introduced to a handsome collection or era-bending rock and roll.

The album kicks off with “Blood Moon Shining”, which will have you reaching for the liner notes to see if Ozzy was making a guest appearance. Droning bass lines set the opening pace for the album, which was a wise decision in opinion, but changes quickly on “Got it Bad”, which boasts a more familiar bluesy rock tone. With the exception the soaring prog rock riffs on “Can’t You See Me Running”, The Sore Losers have done a fantastic job crafting their own sound that will surely stick out just a bit more in the large sea of classic rock-sounding bands we are seeing nowadays.

So bravo to the boys! As a red-eyed Sabbath fanboy, I for one usually shy away from bands who are listing Black Sabbath as their influence. But The Sore Losers have managed to bring an album to the table that will leave myself, and I believe a lot more other people, in agreement that this fine album also laughed with Satan and spread its wings. (It’s a Sabbath reference, look it up!)

Skydogs Track Listing:

01. Blood Moon Shining
02. Got It Bad
03. Cherry Cherry
04. Can’t You See Me Running
05. Emily
06. Dirty Little Pretty Thing
07. All I Am
08. Nightcrawler
09. Don’t Want It Here
10. White Whale

Run Time: 31:05
Release Date: November 4, 2016

Check out the song “Got It Bad”