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Hayley and the Crushers – “Jewel Case” [Album Review]

This Californian three-piece have blended together 50’s soda pop with surf rock and proto punk. Check out our review inside to see what we liked about the band’s first release, Jewel Case>.



With the election cycle that gripped the world in its ugly grasp for the last year and a half (and arguably longer than that), it’s easy to stay mired in the same type of nihilistic anti-human loud music coming out these days, especially in the realm of punk. But not everyone is interested in plugging the soundtrack to misery in punk chapters these days. No where is this more effective, however, than Hayley and the Crushers!

There is something so immensely endearing about Hayley and the Crusher’s approach to their fusion of surf rock meets 50’s soda pop meets proto-punk. It makes the entire package a delight to lean back and fade out to, allowing itself into the background of your mind if you let it. The delivery is on point with its production, giving it the perfect amount of tinniness while capturing a fairly modern blend of their above influences. Of course, this would all fall apart without the right attitude and I think that the line “I’ve got a chain-link, roller rink, rock and roll attitude” best encapsulates this band’s strength and delivery.

Just like bubblegum though, it’s hard to imagine myself coming back after my first enjoyable chomp through their solid release. However, for anyone with even a slight interest in rockabilly, lo-fi or surf rock, it would be easy to assume Hayley and the Crushers may already be your new favourite band.

Jewel Case Track Listing:

01. Seventeen Strum
02. Backseat Love
03. Jewel Case
04. Sharky Feeling
05. Blacked Out
06. Glitter And Glue
07. Jaywalking
08. Punks And Pushers
09. Hotshot
10. This Town
11. Siren’s Call

Run Time: 29:30
Release Date: October 7, 2016

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