According to recent reports from NASA, an asteroid is set hit earth on November 11. That’s correct! After a brief hiatus, the Swedish giants of fuzz, Asteroid, have returned to drop their third album – appropriately titled III – early next month. The trio have dusted off the “How to Write a Fucking Rock Album” manual that they themselves helped to compose and have given it another go.

Kicking off with “Pale Moon”, the band takes a relaxed approach into the album with riding drums and a spooky slide guitar before getting down to business with “Last Days”, a track which demonstrates more of the threesome’s diverse side and the growth. Other tracks, including “Wolf & Snake” and “Til’ Dawn”, take the more classic route to Fuzztown that Asteroid has perfected over the years.

III is an album that has been highly-anticipated since social media hinted at it last year and, for many reasons, will not be one to disappoint. If you are an old fan of the band’s work, or maybe looking for a new sound, you need to hear this album. As a late entry, it’s being nominated for my top 5 albums of 2016.

III Track Listing:

01. Pale Moon
02. Last Days
03. Til’ Dawn
04. Wolf & Snake
05. Silver & Gold
06. Them Calling
07. Mr. Strange

Run Time: 35:58
Release Date: November 11, 2016

Check out the song “Last Days”