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Seeker – “Loss” [Album Review]

Seeker deliver twenty five or so minutes that will leave you feeling like your ears have had somebody smash a screwdriver into them. Read our full review here…



Let’s make no bones about this, Loss from Texas trio Seeker is a fucking relentless listen. From the screech of guitars that builds into “Throat”, Seeker leave you in no doubt that the next twenty five or so minutes are going to have you feeling like your ears have had somebody smash a screwdriver into them.

Of course, you could criticise the album for it’s brevity, especially taking into consideration Loss has been three years in the making, but, personally, I think the Seeker guys have got it just right. From opener “Throat” through “Swallowed” and onto the squalling grind of “Empty Vessel” there isn’t a single moment on this album where the relentless battery lets up. Mixing up death metal, metalcore, grind and hardcore into one single melting pot of ferocity, Loss is just one massive ball of fury. Have you got the stomach for it?

You’d think that as the album nears its conclusion the Texan outfit would ease off the gas a bit, but there is no chance of that, in fact, as “Submit” demonstrates, the closer the album gets to its finale, the more brutal it gets. Closing off the release with the groaning, punishing grind of the title track, Loss sees the band punish you one last time before the end of this torturous, brutal journey is reached.

Loss Track Listing:

01. Without
02. Throat
03. Void
04. Rot
05. Swallowed
06. Welcome Death
07. Empty Vessel
08. Submit
09. Self Harm
10. Loss

Run Time: 25:43
Release Date: October 14, 2016

Check out the track “Loss”

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