Roll the clock forward twelve months and there will be no Dillinger Escape Plan. Having dropped the bombshell that the math metal giants were going to disband following their next world tour, The Dillinger Escape Plan are bowing out with Dissociation, the final chapter of a twenty year career and one that brings their genre-fucking back catalogue to a natural conclusion.

Dissociation is everything you could want from a Dillinger album. It dips in and out of moods wherever it feels like, from soothing passages to jarring blasts of punky hardcore that make your teeth rattle to the roots and that’s before we’ve even touched on Greg Puciato’s equally unpredictable vocals. If you’re an outsider who looks at Dillinger (and other bands of their ilk) as an incoherent mess then, to be honest, there is nothing on Dissociation that will change that opinion however, if you have fine-tuned your audio channels to their frequency, listening to the quintet lock into gear as they do many, many times on Dissociation, then you’ll fully appreciate how much of a loss they will be to the heavy music scene.

“Fugue” sounds like Nine Inch Nails pulling an all-nighter with Aphex Twin while “Honeysuckle” is just out and out math metal mayhem. Dissociation really is breathtaking to listen to as the random, face-fucking drum patterns along with the jazz-inspired breaks all slot together to create something that, no matter how many times you let it assault your ears, will always reward you with something different.

Dissocation is an epic final chapter to a career that has spanned almost twenty years. At the top of their game from day one, Dillinger have constantly pushed the boundaries of their sound and, thankfully, as the brilliantly dramatic “Nothing To Forget” swoops from shuddering chaos into a haunting conclusion before Dillinger bring the curtain down on this album and their immense musical catalogue with the powerful title track, there remains nothing left to say except thank you Dillinger, thank you!

Dissociation Track Listing:

01. Limerent Death
02. Symptom Of Terminal Illness
03. Wanting No So Much To As To
04. Fugue
05. Low Feels Blvd
06. Surrogate
07. Honeysuckle
08. Manufacturing Discontent
09. Apologies Not Included
10. Nothing To Forget
11. Dissociation

Run Time: 50:06
Release Date: October 14, 2016

Check out the track “Symptom Of Terminal Illness


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