UK hard rockers Toseland released their debut album, Renegade, back in 2014. They unveiled their single “Puppet On A Chain” this past February, and finally released their latest album, Cradle The Rage, (via Metalville Records) on May 13th.

Singer James Toseland says, “Cradle The Rage, as a title, is all about trying to control the frustrations of life we all go through. When things aren’t going your way or you seem to be getting nowhere fast. I wanted a song you could sing to release that energy and frustration. All my lyrics are of real interest to me that I’ve discovered in my life. Whether it be through sport i.e. winning and losing or in life’s roller coaster of situations that it throws at us.”

This album is very rock n’ roll and I’m feeling it. “Fingers Burned” has a very classic sound that’s very appealing while “We’ll Stop At Nothing” and “Never Love Another” are great tracks as well. The entire band does an awesome job with every single song and Toseland’s vocals are totally on point. So go, find this album, grab some speakers, blast the crap out of it, and enjoy it for the next 43 minutes.

Cradle The Rage Track Listing:

01. Too Close To Call
02. Puppet On A Chain
03. Living In A Moment
04. Fingers Burned
05. Stranger Things
06. We’ll Stop At Nothing
07. Never Love Another
08. Livin’ A Lie
09. Waiting For The Answers
10. Nothing You Can Do About It
11. Cradle The Rage

Run Time: 42:52
Release Date: May 13, 2016

Check out the track “Puppet On A Chain”