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Bailer – “Shaped By The Landscape” [EP] [Album Review]

It may only be a fifteen minute introduction but Shaped By The Landscape, the new EP from Irish metal/hardcore band Bailer, will certainly make sure you don’t forget the name…



Listening to Shaped By The Landscape, the debut EP from Cork’s metal/hardcore outfit Bailer, it’s hard to deny that this is a band who clearly throw their all into their abrasive sound. If you use bands like Norma Jean and Dillinger Escape Plan as a starting point, you’ll not be too far from where Bailer are heading with tracks like “Anti-Venom”.

Brutal, passionate and raw, each of the four tracks that make up Shaped By The Landscape are hard to ignore as the Irish band pummel their way through this all-too-brief fifteen minutes. From the pacy, punkish hardcore/metal of opener “Failsafe” to the grinding “Anti-Venom”, there is no hint of filler on this EP but, at the same time, the four track EP is over so quickly, it leaves you with nothing more than the briefest taste of what the Cork-based newcomers are capable of… which, on this evidence, is a mouth-watering prospect.

Shaped By The Landscape Track Listing:

01. Failsafe
02. The Binding
03. Anti-Venom
04. The Benefit Of Doubt

Run Time: 15:28
Release Date: April 29, 2016

Check out the song “Anti-Venom”

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