Texas-based metal band, Even the Dead Love a Parade, are hitting the airwaves hard with their brand of metal on this their new self-titled EP which features five songs that are ferocious, fiery, unapologetic, and most certainly not for the faint of heart.

Comprised of Jordan Condery (vocals), Braxton Henry and Matt Raffaele (guitars), Clint Litton (drums), and Drowning Pool bassist, Stevie Benton (bass), this band offer up hard-and-heavy guitar riffs, pounding bass and drums while the voice of Condery ranges from harmonic to the kind of horrifying screams that sends tingles down your backbone.

Speaking of which, creepy song titles like “Cancer and Host”, “Humane”, “Morphine Queen”, “Sex Tapes and Snuff Films” and “Heart Poacher” all paint a petrifying portrait, but, they rock your ass off and will keep you thoroughly entertained.

If you are into metal that will melt your face off, scorch your ears and rock your spine into splinters, this music is for you!

Even The Dead Love a Parade Track Listing:

01. Cancer and Host
02. Humane
03. Morphine Queen
04. Sex Tapes and Snuff Films
05. Heart Poacher

Run Time: 21:65
Release Date: May 13, 2016

Check out the song “Heart Poacher”