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ROYAL TUSK Share Their TOP 10 Van Activities to Pass the Time While on Tour [Exclusive]

Caught up with Canadian rock ‘n’ rollers, Royal Tusk, whose full-length debut, DealBreaker, is out now via Cadence Music, and had bassist Sandy MacKinnon list his TOP 10 best Van activities to pass time while on tour.



Canadian rock ‘n’ rollers, Royal Tusk, released their full-length debut, DealBreaker, on May 6th via Cadence Music and have been crisscrossing the country in support thereof. The quintet, “forged from rock ‘n’ roll soul, blue-collar charm and a renegade attitude,” worked with award-winning producer Eric Ratz (Big Wreck, Monster Truck, Arkells, Billy Talent) to ensure DealBreaker was as raw and energetic as it is! Check out some music and the cover artwork below, as well as this exclusive TOP 10 list wherein bassist Sandy MacKinnon lists his best Van activities to pass the time while on tour.

10. Listen to new Music.
Getting a group of musicians together who all have different backgrounds in music, can lead to some interesting music choices. It can range anywhere from pop music to black metal.

09. Enjoying each others’ company.
Not to sound like a sappy jerk, but I exclusively like to play in bands, where the members and or crew are more than band mates, but brothers. It’s a friggin laugh, let me tell you.

08. Telling scary stories.
Several nights ago, while drunk as hell, I told a very frightening tale, and this may or may not be true, but I could’ve swore I heard our tour manager pee his pants.

07. Smoking darts.
Calen and myself (Sandy) can be found usually driving and sitting shotgun, windows down smoke billowing out. Nasty habit, but a helluva time waster

06. Smoking weed.
Everything gets a little funnier, nuff said

05. Drinking.
After a show when you and the fellas barrel into the back of the Van drunk as hell, and your designated driver for the night and his co-pilot are in a mood cause it was damn near herding cats to get everyone to leave. That can pass time, annoying time, but nonetheless time.

04. Purposely annoying the hell out of other travelling motorists.
The power of flipping one the bird comes with great responsibility.

03. Talkin’ about babes.
There are 30 shows in 33 days on this tour, a van full of 7 men, you best believe the conversation can go gutter side.

02. Arguing.
Usually about where to eat. I have gotten to the point that if I’m offered French fries in a restaurant, I’m damn near offended.

01. Sleep.
I ain’t gettin any younger, and I certainly ain’t gettin any better lookin. So after a week of binge drinkin on the road, a little beauty rest is in order. And nothing passes the time better then sleeping.

Remaining Tour Dates:

05/17 – Kingston, ON – Mansion
05/18 – Peterborough, ON – Red Dog
05/19 – Oshawa, ON – Music Hall
05/20 – Barrie, ON – Roxy (Side Room)
05/21 – Timmins, ON – Working Class
06/17 – Beaumont, AB – Beaumont and District Agricultural Society Fairgrounds

Check out the song “Fever”

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