I became aware of Izegrim in 2014, during my sophomore voyage on the 70000 Tons of Metal Cruise. My girlfriend and I were standing in the 70 hours of lines for merch and we began chatting with another couple near us to pass time. They asked us if we were going to catch Izegrim’s set later and our response was “Who?”. The couple said they caught Izegrim’s first set and were their surprise band of the cruise so far. Long story short, we took their advice. As we entered the packed Skipper’s Lounge, Izegrim proceeded to destroy it with brutal siren screams, swashbuckling dueling guitars, and cannon blasting drums. They played a lot of material off their 2nd full-length, Congress of the Insane, and as soon as I landed on dry ground from our 70-thousand-tons-of-drinks-fest, I snatched it up.

Fast forward to 2016. Izegrim’s third album, The Ferryman’s End, is out now and is a solid follow-up to Congress of the Insane. I already liked Izegrim but I have to admit, this album took a few listens to grow on me. The Ferryman’s End is being pitched as a concept album. Every time I hear the term “concept album” it elicits an eye roll from me because that means instead of just enjoying the songs as they are, my subconscious is going to try to piece it all together ala Queensryche’s Opereration Mindcrime. The good news is that it’s a simple concept and it only takes a couple of listens to get the story.

The Ferryman’s End has 11 well executed (get it?) songs that are always skirting between the death metal and thrash genres. It’s a good mix of both and it works for them. The album opens with “White Walls” and the riffing in the beginning is dark, angry and savage. I only wish the whole album had more of this. One song in particular, “Insanity of Freedom,” has a killer (I’m not doing this on purpose) groove to it. I the final love lyric line, “This hate in my heart…if you’re not strong, you have to be smart!” It carries so much conviction that, at that point of the album, I realized that I had subconsciously bought into concept. Another standout song is “Through a Glass Darkly”, I love the bouncy lead riff and how the drummer changes tempo throughout that riff.

While it doesn’t top Congress of the Insane for this sailor, The Ferryman’s End is a solid third release and will only help Izegrim to get more exposure to the metal masses.

Track Listing:

01. White Walls
02. Time To Run
03. Endless Desire
04. The Evil Within
05. Absolute Necessity
06. Reclaim My Identity
07. Insanity Is Freedom
08. Reflection Of Redemption
09. Through A Glass Darkly
10. Lost In Tranquillity
11. The Ferryman’s End

Run Time: 41:17
Release Date: April 15, 2016

Check out the song “White Walls”