Swedish Black Metal stalwarts, Dark Funeral, are back with their sixth (sixth! sixth!) studio album, Where Shadows Forever Reign. Lord Ahriman, who co-founded the band in 1993 along with vocalist Heljarmadr, is so pleased with this album that he wants you to “Sit back, put your speakers on max and enjoy the ride through ancient realms so forlorn and cold, the majestic realm where shadows forever reign.” Um, OK, but let me grab a hoodie and beer first.

Where Shadows Forever Reign consists of 9 brutal Black Metal blasts that really show off Dark Funeral’s staying power. The production is vibrant and clear; they chose not to use amps with blown speakers and cassette deck microphones and it really shows. Seriously, for the complexity at which Dark Funeral plays, you need every track to be nice and crisp and this recording is evidence of that. The compositions are well structured with several rhythm and tempo changes. The Swedish Black Metal scene should be proud of them. Pentagrams up!

If you’re looking for some standout tracks, “max” your speakers on “To Carve Another Wound” for the catchy err…I mean evil chorus line as well as “As One We Shall Conquer” for some church (made of popsicle sticks of course!) burning background music. Dark Funeral will be bringing its Satanic wrath to many a metal fest this summer throughout Europe including Graspop, Hellfest, Metaldays and Brutal Assault.

Where Shadows Forever Reign Track Listing:

01. Unchain My Soul
02. As One We Shall Conquer
03. Beast above Man
04. As I Ascend
05. Temple Of Ahriman
06. The Eternal Eclipse
07. To Carve another Wound
08. Nail Them to The Cross
09. Where Shadows Forever Reign

Run Time: 40:59
Release Date: June 3, 2016

Check out the song “Where Shadows Forever Reign”