Screeching into life with the bludgeoning “Hostile”, Peaceless from UK metallic hardcore terrors Lock & Key, unloads both barrels right at the getgo and leaves you in no doubt as to how you will be spending the next thirty-odd minutes. Yes, there may be a dash of melody colouring the brutality of this record but, for the most part, Peaceless doesn’t stray too far from the path.

That path my friends is gut thumping, breakdown-laden, two-stepping metallic hardcore. Peaceless is a face-smashing lesson in modern UK hardcore starting with Rich Larner barking out his no-nonsense hardcore poetry and weaving its way right through to the accompanying unrelenting metallic hardcore assault provided by his bandmates.

Tracks like “Unclear State Of Mind” and “Never Ender”, peppered with dark lyrics, see Lock & Key pull no punches as they simply smash home their message with brute force. Obviously, if you’ve heard this kind of metallic assault before then there is nothing on Peaceless that will surprise you and, while that might satisfy those of you who like flailing around taking bystanders heads off, it does lose them a few brownie points.

Looking at the bigger picture though, while Lock & Key are undoubtedly a fine example of how devastating this genre of music can be, they do also highlight its limitations. Thankfully, Peaceless has just enough about it take make sure it doesn’t get dragged back into a dogfight with the rest of the UKHC scene.

Track Listing:

01. Hostile
02. Burning Bridges
03. The Legacy
04. Unclear State Of Mind
05. Burnt Out
06. Never Ender
07. No Justice Feat. Sean Midson
08. No Acceptance
09. Turn Your Back On Me
10. Vultures
11. Dead Prayers

Run Time: 38:37
Release Date: April 8, 2016

Check out the video for “Hostile”.


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