It’s been a while since we’ve heard from hardcore hard-hitters Walls Of Jericho and, judging by the way they slam into the opening track “Illusion Of Safety” on their returning album, No-One Can Save You From Yourself, they’re clearly in no mood to mess about. A cocktail of Slayer riffs, Hatebreed groove and Candace Kucsulain’s blunt lyrics, No One Can Save You From Yourself is about as intense a statement of their return as fans of the band could wish for.

A perfect mix of metal and hardcore, No One Can Save You From Yourself, continues on from where previous offering The American Dream left off. Beefed-up, testosterone-fuelled riffs rain down on your ears with Kucsulain roaring her scathing lyrics over the top for tracks like “Forever Militant” and the crushing “Fight The Good Fight.”

It’s a brutal listen from the get-go and, while Kucsulain has always been one of the leading vocalists in the hardcore genre, her performance on Nothing Can Save You From Yourself is simply out of this world. Putting a lot of metal vocalists to shame, this singer throws every ounce of her being into her vocal performance completing what is quite a breathtaking display from Kucsulain and her bandmates. “Cutbird” and the unrelenting “Wrapped In Violence” drag this album towards its finale with the band showing no intention of letting the aggression levels drop.

The recording closes with the band bringing down the tempo for the darker, haunting “Probably Will,” a slower offering which, while it doesn’t sit comfortably alongside the metallic rage that preceded it, can in no way be seen as a filler track and demonstrates that, while their talent lies primarily in dishing out vicious metallic hardcore fury, Walls Of Jericho have plenty more to offer.

Track Listing:

01. Intro
02. Illusion of Safety
03. No One Can Save You From Yourself
04. Forever Militant
05. Fight The Good Fight
06. Cutbird
07. Relentless
08. Damage Done
09. Reign Supreme
10. Wrapped In Violence
11. Anthem
12. Beyond All Praise
13. Probably Will

Run Time: 42:09
Release Date: March 25, 2016

Check out the track “Fight The Good Fight” here.


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