walls of jericho


Fuck the American Dream! Mayhem is where it’s at! PureGrainAudio spent a nutty day at this mega-festival and caught up with Walls of Jericho guitarist Mike Hasty at Downsview Park for the Rock Star Mayhem Tour. The interview was conducted just outside of Slipknot’s dressing room (which was pretty cool), and Mike dropped some knowledge on the new Walls’ CD, the American dream, and more.

The following interview with guitarist Chris Rawson of Walls of Jericho took place at the Opera house in Toronto on May 21, 2006. They were supporting Bullet for My Valentine and Roses are Red on the Trustkill Takeover tour. Walls of Jericho had just completed recording of their latest album With Devils Amongst Us All which was not yet released at the time of interview. Chris talks about the album as well as their previous…