Jesus Christ, you guys!

The latest effort from DSGNS, Austin’s very own cult heroes from hell, have recently put out a split, and I’m here to tell you about “Chemical Peel.” Which is hard, because I’m still pumping my goddamn fists out here. It’s the perfect mix of noisy-as-hell, heavy-as-fuck, and crushing as far as the eyes can see.

There’s something about that heavy-ass tone that comes in at around the 0:40 mark, that makes me want to jump in a plane and get over to the next show that these misanthropic bastards are playing. You want heavy, and fast, then quit reading this and click on the stream below, you dingus!

My hat’s off to a band still keeping the dream of good, decent, hard-working hardcore alive. And to a track that has literally made me pump my fist, at home, all alone.

Run Time: 3:04
Release Date: March 1, 2016

Check out the song “Chemical Peel” here.