Review by: Trent Richer
Photos by: Lee-Ann Richer


Upon arriving at the Phoenix I noticed the security was very tight. They were checking bags, wanding people, and all of that was followed by a pat down. However, the security was friendly and professional. I was pleased to see the extra time they were taking to minimize possible problems. The crowd demographic ranged from 20s to 50s and the venue was busy, but it didn’t feel overly crowded. It was comfortably busy!

Buckcherry, hailing from Anaheim California, came to the Phoenix Concert Theatre to deliver Rock ‘N’ Roll and that they did. They came on stage decked out in leather, jeans, chains and tattoos. That’s the Buckcherry we know and love! You could feel the vibe of the crowd as they embraced the band.

They are the very essence of a road-worthy, heavy rock and roll band, with all the hardness, sexiness and attitude you would expect from one that delivers the music they do. They were also very photographer and fan friendly. Photographers were brought into the pit for the first three songs and they were given personal comments, smiles, poses and eye contact. Guitarist Stevie D. was pointing to photographers and saying, “This shot’s for you!”  Drummer Xavier Muriel also posed for the camera by cheekily giving the finger, followed by a huge grin. Not too often do you see this kind of playfulness!

Josh Todd entered the stage sporting a dress jacket, black shirt and patched rock pants. He was dancing up a storm and started the evening off with Buckcherry’s debut single, “Lit Up” from their self-titled album. He talked about being on the road since 1998 and how the band has had to make a lot of sacrifices. He has said that song was for his wife due to him being on the road and touring so often.

The band is supporting their new album Rock ‘N’ Roll.  Released 21, 2015, this is their  seventh album, from which they performed four tracks during their 15-song set. There was no drop in energy from the first to the last song. This is a band who knows how to give a full show for a totally appreciative crowd; however, at times the crowd was a little bit subdued.

About halfway through the set, Josh Todd brought out a surprise guest: Jesse Keys on saxophone. The surprise was on us when we later found out… he works their merch table! The band started jamming the Rolling Stones tune “Can You Hear Me Knocking” and went into the Buckcherry song “Tight Pants”. When that song ended Todd said, “Give it up for Jesse Keys,” then turned to Jesse and said, “Now get outta here and go get your dick sucked”. Of course, the crowd broke out into laughter.

At random points in the show guitarists Keith Nelson and Stevie D. would stand off and trade leads while Todd was dancing around the stage. At other times bassist Kelly LeMieux would be head bopping and hammering out the bottom end with Muriel. This band knows how to have fun on stage. And there is always something for the audience to look at.

By the time the band started into “Sunshine”, Todd had stripped down to just his pants in true Buckcherry style. If you haven’t heard this band and you like in your face Rock ‘N’ Roll, saturated with sex and the rock lifestyle, then check them out!

Just a special thank you to the Phoenix Concert Theater, Brian Kehoe from Live Nation and Buckcherry for a kick ass show!

Set List:

Lit Up

Whiskey in the Morning

Bring it on Back

Next 2 you



The Madness


Tight Pants


I Don’t Give a Fuck

Rain’s Falling

Crazy Bitch


Say Fuck It

Too Drunk

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