The new Buckcherry EP is an homage to the word “fuck”, a record that uses the F-bomb more times than I care to even hear. I get that this is a band that gained a large amount of their success from other songs laced with profanity (see “Crazy Bitch”), but I honestly don’t get this EP, at all.

In continued support of their sin-ridden new release ‘Confessions’, multi-platinum rockers Buckcherry have confirmed additional Summer tour dates that will span from Coast to Coast, and even into Canada. Debuting at #20 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart, ‘Confessions’ is described by Drum! Magazine as “…Buckcherry’s most ambitious album yet!” and continues to sweep crowds into hard rock oblivion.

Seattle based rockers Girl On Fire have released a music video for “The Takedown,” the lead track from their debut album ‘Not Broken,’ out July 9 via Century Media Records. The video can be seen below. Girl On Fire will be joining Buckcherry for a three-week run starting June 20 that will have them on the road through the release of the album. See current confirmed dates below.

Some bands have a certain swagger about them. Buckcherry are one of those bands and Confessions, their latest album, is no different on that score. Dirty rock n’ roll is the order of the day here, as it always has been for the American trash-rockers although, this time, there is a little more depth to the content. Well, when I say a little more what I really mean is that Confessions isn’t purely an album about partying, strippers, and “recreational” powders.

Josh Todd, vocalist for the Grammy Nominated rock act Buckcherry, took some time out of his extremely busy schedule to speak with me about the band’s newest release, All Night Long. This is the group’s fifth full-length disc and while it contains all of the trademark Buckcherry elements that fans have come to expect, I feel it also improves on them as well. Each song stands on its own and has that gritty, unapologetic feel that is trademark Buckcherry.

An avid skateboarder and frequent donator to Tony Hawk’s charity, Josh Todd is definitely one seriously down-to-earth dude. I got a chance to hang out with the vocalist for Buckcherry when they hit up Toronto for Candian Music Week (CMW). He had some seriously cool stuff to say regarding his band, his music, staying connected with home and…