Receiving a copy of an album being released through Shelsmusic is usually a sign to expect a challenging, powerful piece of work. So, following in that tradition, Buried, the new album from Texan outfit Brother/Ghost, most definitely falls into that category.

Showing that heavy music can be so much more than just shitty breakdowns and screamed vocals, Buried is quite simply a stunning piece of work. Complex, heavy, raw, Buried is the sound of an album that will push you to the limit as it takes you on the kind of musical journey that very few bands can even get close to. Each track is a beautiful exploration of sound – it’s everything you’d expect from a release through Shelsmusic.

Yes, it might be uncomfortable to listen to but, tracks like the eight minute “Cripple” are clearly not meant to be easy listening. Beautifully haunting but painfully bleak, this is eight minutes where Brother/Ghost test your very mettle and leave your nerves twitching.

Whereas some bands write songs, some bands write albums, some bands, like Brother Ghost, produce sounds – haunting, bleak, powerful sounds – just don’t expect an easy listen.

Track Listing:

01. Satan
02. Harpies
03. Cripple
04. Causeway
05. Freedom
06. Pendulum
07. Blackdog

Run Time: 42:49
Release Date: June 15, 2015

Check out the song “Satan” here.


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