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Chicago with Earth, Wind and Fire – Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, Toronto – August 28, 2015



Photography by Andrew Hartl

On August 28th, American rock band Chicago performed at Toronto’s Molson Amphitheatre with R&B legends, Earth, Wind and Fire.  Classic hits performed during the show included Chicago’s “Saturday in the Park,” and “You’re the Inspiration” and EW&F’s “Boogie Wonderland”.

Here is our photo gallery from the show.  Click on the photos to enlarge.



Album Review

Gianfranco Pescetti – ‘DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL’ [Album Review]

Gianfranco Pescetti delivers a series of ambient/dance bangers, coalescing a nexus of complexity and intoxicating extracts on ‘DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL.’



Gianfranco Pescetti ‘DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL’ album artwork
Gianfranco Pescetti ‘DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL’ album artwork

Composer and producer Gianfranco Pescetti recently unveiled his latest album, DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL, his first new album in almost a decade.

Speaking about the album, Pescetti says, “DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL is my attempt to explore the depth of emotions and create a profoundly personal and evocative sound without conforming to the rigid specifications of a particular genre, all while keeping an eye to the dance floor.”

Originally from the Tuscan Island of Capraia, he previously lived in France for a few years before moving to the United States to continue his music career. He currently lives on the Hawaiian Island of Maui.

Influenced by an eclectic range of music, including modern chillwave, Depeche Mode, and The Cure, Pescetti’s sound incorporates instrumental atmospheric electronica with dance vibes and elements of modern indie rock.

Comprising ten tracks, DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL starts with “Clownspunk.” Flickering tones shape a rising intro that evolves into a shimmering, ambient-flavored dance melody. As the melody progresses, a psychedelic-lite dance vivacity slowly takes over, pushing the ambient surfaces into the background.

High points include the changing emotional sensations of “Obsidian,” which utilizes amiable layers of shifting colors riding a galloping rhythm to fashion a warm, sparkling melody punctuated by glistening, chiming textures.

Gianfranco Pescetti, photo courtesy of Gianfranco Pescetti

Gianfranco Pescetti, photo courtesy of Gianfranco Pescetti

Sundog” places darker rhythmic pulses against the illumination of drifting, humming, twinkling blushes, thus giving the melody a lingering, hypnotic intensity, at once exotic and full of lavish refinement. “Be My Ghost” swings away from the ambient and pushes into the more muscular momentum of EDM, employing a driving kick drum and elusive tints of disco.

Capraia,” a blend of industrial and heavy, atmospheric dance components, molds a mechanistic mood, simultaneously shadowy and foreboding. “The Wake,” eerily haunting on one level, pours like a waterfall on another level, giving the tune dual interpretations: either a progressive lament or a celebration of natural beauty.

The album concludes with “Stopless,” traveling on a propelling rhythm topped by intertwining layers of scintillating, aerated percolations, heady with impetuousness. For some reason, the melody conjures up the impression of EDM gingered with hints of Ennio Morricone-like Spaghetti Western.

Gianfranco Pescetti delivers a series of ambient/dance bangers, coalescing a nexus of complexity and intoxicating extracts.


1. Clownspunk
2. Macchia, I’ll See You…
3. Obsidian
4. Sundog
5. Nostalgia Aime Le Rouge
6. Be My Ghost
7. Capraia
8. The Wake
9. Fogbound
10. Stopless

Run Time: 35:47
Release Date: January 25, 2024
Record Label: Independent

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Tinashe Enthralls the Crowd at The Royale in Boston on a Cold February Night [Photos]

R&B/pop singer and dancer Tinashe lit up the stage on Monday, February 12th, at The Royale in Boston, and fans gushed about the show.



Tinashe on Feb 12, 2024, photo by Kaitlin Prince
Tinashe on Feb 12, 2024, photo by Kaitlin Prince

Tinashe lit up the stage on Monday, February 12th, at The Royale in Boston. The R&B/pop singer and dancer started the show with her hit song “Treason.” Which is the opening song off her new album BB/ANG3L and also the name of her tour.

BB/ANG3L is Tinashe’s sixth studio album and her third album since 2019 when she went independent. One thing that makes Tinashe so unique and different from other artists is the way she blends R&B and pop songs. She’s not worried about sticking to one genre and is not afraid to experiment with different styles and types of music, combining them to make truly unique songs.

Despite it being a cold Monday night in Boston, the crowd was queued up and ready for Tinashe, with eager fans in a line wrapped around the outside of the venue.  Once inside, it was packed with people and when the Tinashe countdown came on the screen you could hear the excitement building.

Performing with four extremely talented male dancers and a crazy electronic lighting setup, Tinashe came out with some serious heat and kept the Boston crowd hooked from her very first note. She jumped between performing new songs off of her BB/ANG3L album and old hits, such as fan favorite “2On,” the first single that brought Tinashe into the spotlight back in 2014. Tinashe and her background dancers shined with fun and creative choreography, which was one of the highlights of the show, in my opinion. The energy they all brought to the stage was palpable and was perfect for the club setting of The Royale.

In total, Tinashe performed 28 songs and was on stage for a little under an hour and a half. She had a few short monologues, but for the most part, she went right from one song to the next. She even performed a few mashups of her songs, such as one that combined her new song, “Gravity,” and an older song, “Superlove.” She finished her performance with her song, “Needs,” the most popular song off of BB/ANG3L, and this had everyone in the crowd bumping and grinding to the beat of the music and singing along with her.

Altogether, the show was high energy and a lot of fun. Tinashe has been doing this for ten years now, and her performance shows that she’s a seasoned vet who knows how to entertain. At the end of the night, I heard multiple people gushing about the show as they were leaving the venue, and I think the crowd would’ve stayed there all night to watch Tinashe perform if they could have.

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Boyz II Men Bring Bangers to Boston’s MGM Music Hall [Photos]

On February 9th Boston, MA fans at MGM Music Hall were transported back to the ’90s/early 2000s with a nostalgic performance by Boyz II Men.



Boyz II Men on Feb 9, 2024, photo by Kaitlin Prince
Boyz II Men on Feb 9, 2024, photo by Kaitlin Prince

On February 9th, a Friday night in Boston, MA, fans at MGM Music Hall were transported back to the ’90s and early 2000s with a nostalgic performance by Boyz II Men.

Boyz II Men, originally a quartet, now a trio, rose to fame in the early ’90s with their R&B style after being discovered by New Editions member Michael Bivens. They went on to earn recognition from Billboard Magazine as the “biggest boy band” during the period from 1990 to 2012. The crowd at MGM Music Hall definitely reflected this time period, with the average age of those in attendance seeming to be between 40 and 50 years old.

The three remaining members of Boyz II Men, Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris, and Shawn Stockman, might be in their 50s, but they did not act like it! Coming out to start the show in all-white outfits and impressive dance moves, they fittingly began with a performance of their very first song and single, “Motownphilly.” This was their first-ever song released in 1991, and it got every person in the crowd on their feet and dancing. Followed by their hit song, “On Bended Knee.” It was clear these three men were experienced pros and knew how to put on a show.

A favorite moment of the show was when the trio started singing their song “I’ll Make Love to You” from their sophomore album II. Nathan, Wanya and Shawn all came on stage holding bouquets of roses, which they passed out to adoring females in the crowd. Before this song, they had stopped singing to have a short dialogue with Shawn and Wanya about how much the fans meant to them. They discussed how honored they were that people were still showing up to see them perform over 30 years after their debut album dropped.

All three members of the group really put in effort to interact with the audience by doing things such as pointing and singling people out in the crowd and posing for pictures on stage after the show was over. It was very clear that Nathan, Wanya and Shawn loved and appreciated their fans and were grateful for all the continued support.

I was also impressed to see both Nathan Morris and Shawn Stockman playing guitars during the performance, with Nathan playing bass and Shawn playing lead guitar. Wanya Morris explained to the crowd that this was a skill the two had added to their repertoire back in the mid-2000s after Nathan had suggested they all buy guitars and learn how to play them.

My biggest critique of the show was that I thought the sound system and music overpowered the vocals a bit. At times, it was hard to hear the men singing with their talented voices over the instruments. Another piece to note would be that the trio mainly performed songs from their first four albums and did not really dive into their later albums and most recent songs. However, this was not a problem for me because I loved their old hits, and it seemed like most people in the crowd would have agreed.

To finish the show, Boyz II Men performed their most popular song, “End of the Road.” An emotional ballad about going through a breakup but not wanting to let that person go quite yet. This was a powerful moment, with every person on their feet, singing right along with them. At the finale, the men went totally acapella, and to hear just their voices singing with the crowd was a beautiful and fitting end to an amazing performance!

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