An album this refreshing doesn’t come around every day, especially for a doom band. Sweat Lodge nod their collective heads to ’70s psychedelic rock while also heeding the sound of proto-metal bands. It seems that Sweat Lodge are among the best act to not only help bring back psych rock, but also to improve upon it.

Talismana is one of those rare albums that is so perfect from beginning to end that it’s hard to define exactly what makes it so great. Witchfinder General-esque vocals, dirty, raunchy guitar tones, superb song structures, passion, drive, and lyrics and playing loaded with raw emotion all makes for a spectacular record.

The inception of “Slow Burn” and the back and forth swing of “Tramplifire” are sure to send chills down your spine. The songs on Talismana have so much power yet metal seems to be completely out of the equation. This is one component of Sweat Lodge’s sound that I totally dig – they prove that you can be “heavy” without being heavy-heavy.

There really isn’t much room for improvement here. The album’s length, the song structures, the impassioned playing, and the killer tones and sounds all make for a nearly flawless record. I hope to see Sweat Lodge embark on a decent tour following the release of Talismana because music this magnificent needs to be experienced live!

Track listing:

01. Tramplifire
02. Bed of Ashes
03. Slow Burn
04. Phoenix Ascent
05. Talismana
06. Black Horizon
07. Boogie Bride
08. Heavy Head
09. Banshee Call

Run Time: 34:19
Release date: August 7, 2015

Check out the song “Slow Burn” here.