As far as disturbing listens go, Disassociation, the debut EP from UK duo Throes rates up there amongst the most sinister. Described by the creators as “blackened death metal with industrial/electronic influences,” Disassociation is an unrelenting blast of terrifying fury that will leave you feeling truly dirty after you’ve finished experiencing it.

The pair, from Bristol/Birmingham, spew out their horrific sound with the likes of “Sleepwalker” and the utterly psychotic “Narcoanalysis,” combining the harsh abrasiveness of the black metal scene with the cold, mechanical drone of the industrial/electronic scene to create a wall of noise that will basically tear your head apart. Clocking in at just over half an hour, Disassociation is no walk in the park, even if you’re a fan of the more extreme end of the metal spectrum. Each of the five tracks is a bleak, suffocating, nerve-wrecking piece of work that will push your endurance to the very limit.

Finishing up with ten minutes of dark, terrifying extremity in the form of “Caveat,” Throes manage to shift their terrifying sound to another level wringing out every last ounce of emotion into their music. Harsh, bleak, nerve-testing, horrifying – put it this way – if you listen to Disassociation late at night, you won’t sleep for a week.

Track Listing:

01. Sleepwalker
02. Exponent
03. Hellion
04. Narcoanalysis
05. Caveat

Run Time: 34:09
Release Date: April 28, 2014

Check out the song “Sleepwalker” here.


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