New Jersey’s Lorna Shore is not a band for the faint of heart, and their first full-length offering, Psalms, follows in that same vein. Their unique genre-bending style of blackened technical deathcore really comes into its own on this album, maintaining consistency as well as an overpowering disposition for slow, chuggy breakdowns.

Lorna Shore has quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene, surpassing the underground to possess the mainstream in a short amount of time. It is no secret that these Jersey boys have the skills, talent, and raw aggression to be huge, and this fact is slathered all over Psalms. The 10 song album is jam-packed with highly technical guitarwork, vocal stylings that ebb and flow between the realm of black metal shrieks and guttural growls, rapid-fire drumming, and an air of pure evil that is poised to overcome even the most hardened listener.

The track “Throne Of Worms” features slow and looming black metal hooks layered over reckless death metal drumwork, and keeps you captivated with sporadic, changing time signatures and enraging breakdowns. “From The Pale Mist” begins with a symphonic opener, and quickly melds into an epic blackened death metal work that is sure to be an instant classic.

All of the songs on Psalms are incredibly well-written, but laden with a slight potential downfall—to the untrained, impatient ear, songs may blur together and render the album tiresome. Regardless, one simple fact remains indisputable—every piece of music on Psalms is sure to incite a moshpit barren enough to bring any venue to the ground if played live. If Psalms just doesn’t do it for you, see Lorna Shore live and then decide they aren’t your cup of tea.

Track Listing:

01. Grimoire
02. Harvest Realms
03. Throne of Worms
04. White Noise
05. From The Pale Mist
06. Infernal Haunting
07. Death Gowns
08. Wretching in Torment
09. Traces of Supremacy
10. Eternally Oblivion

Run Time: 39:48
Release Date: June 9, 2015

Check out the song “Grimoire” here.