Power metal is one of those genres that I can take or leave. I often feel that is has become quite generic and sterile, with many bands cranking out uninspired, mediocre crap. Every once in a while though, a band comes along that stands out from the vast majority of the others and actually creates something interesting and worth hearing.

Second Storm, the newest release from Swedish metallers Lancer, is one of those exceptions. With elements that harken back to the masters of the genre, like Iron Maiden and Helloween, to more contemporary influences like Blind Guardian, Lancer really have created an exciting, powerful, and melodic disc that keeps the listener on their toes with unexpected twists and turns around nearly every corner.

The rhythm section is the driving force behind these songs, with killer bass lines that are sure to draw more than a few comparisons to the legendary Steve Harris. Paired perfectly with the tight, thunderous drumming of Sebastian Pedernera, these songs move along nicely while keeping the listener thoroughly engaged. The progy, technical guitar work here is fantastic, with tasteful leads that slice through the mix. Vocalist Isak Stenvall has an unbelievably clean yet powerful voice that soars above it all, complimenting it perfectly and creating a classic metal vibe.

Second Storm flows well and there are no real duds, but the almost ten minute opus “Aton” is the absolute gem here; tempo changes that meander and flow, create an epic musical tapestry that is quite stellar. Second Storm has a classic metal feel that I think fans are going to really dig, give this one a spin.

Track Listing:

01. Running From The Tyrant
02. Iwo Jima
03. Masters And Crowns
04. Behind The Walls
05. Aton
06. Children Of The Storm
07. Steelbreaker
08. Eyes Of The Liar
09. Fools Marches On

Total Time 51:03
Release Date: April 10, 2015

Check out the song “Iwo Jima” here.