Cardinal Bay are a five-piece post-hardcore outfit from Somerset, England and Way Back Home is their debut EP. Now, if you’ve paid any attention to the rock scene over the last few years, you’ll be well aware that there are a million bands all over the world already peddling this kind of thing, so have the Somerset outfit got enough in their armoury to stand out from the pack?

Well, after a blast through the five tracks offered up by the band, it’s hard to deny that they know how to pen a good tune. Blending together the right amount of brash riffs and big poppy choruses, Way Back Home gives you plenty of opportunities to bounce about singing your head off but, as demonstrated during “Hold Tight”, Cardinal Bay pack enough of a punch to make sure things get a bit messy in the moshpit. There is nothing here you won’t have heard already but, yet again, those catchy poppy hooks are just too damn infectious to let you go without a fight.

As a taster Way Back Home is a decent enough start from a group who certainly have a lot of promise about them. The question is whether they have enough to make that next step up and move away from the rest of the baying for your attention post-hardcore pack? I’m afraid only time will tell on that score.

Track Listing:

01. Way Back Home
02. Everytime
03. Hold Tight
04. Just Move On
05. Thoughts Explode (Revision)

Run Time: 17:42
Release Date: April 20, 2015

Check out the song “Way Back Home” here.


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