For a band with their latest album entering the UK rock charts at number one there is rather a sparse crowd in the Waterfront tonight however, those clever enough to get in early saw a highly impressive set from duo The Picturebooks.

Their version of rocky blues is raw and powerful and they will make a lot of new fans not only tonight but on the tour as a whole. Bad Touch are up next and go down well but have a distinct advantage of playing their home town but it’s hard to see them going down this well every night.

With The Waterfront still barely half full The Answer take to the stage and to be fair to them they put everything into to the show and perform the songs fantastically, with the new songs fitting right into the set. However with a smallish and rather ageing crowd it lacked any real atmosphere and felt very flat. Even normal fan favourite “Nowhere Freeway” struggled to incite any excitement. The Answer are obviously a very good live band but tonight it just didn’t work for them.

The Answer Set List:
01. I Am What I Am
02. Spectacular
03. Red
04. Demon Eyes
05. Tornado
06. Aristocrat
07. Preachin’
08. Last Days Of Summer
09. Strange Kinda’ Nothing
10. New Horizon
11. Raise A Little Hell
12. Evil Man
13. Nowhere Freeway