The opening act for tonight was a band by the name of The One Hundred and these guys really made the most of the time they had at the Roundhouse in Camden. They haven’t been around for long, but they’ve earned themselves a strong following. The One Hundred seemed perfectly at home on a stage this size, as they would at a smaller venue, and treated their time here as their own show playing fan favourites such as “Downfall” and “Kingsmen.” It was clear not all of the audience knew who they were, but the ones that did showed tremendous support. They were truly “living the dream” as stated by frontman Jacob Field.

Next on the bill was a Japanese rock band known as Coldrain. After forming in 2007 they have accumulated a loyal fan base. Sadly the audience tonight were quite tame for their performance. Despite this, they did play a very energetic show closing with “No Escape.” A group well worth seeing live.

The headlining act for tonight was, of course, Papa Roach. When they took to the stage they kicked straight in with “Infest” from from their first album Infest, their first major label release. This was then followed by the always popular “Last Resort.” It felt that this may have been a bit early in the night to play one of their biggest hits, however, this was then followed by “Broken Home” and “Dead Cell.” At this point it started to dawn on me that this felt like a very familiar set. After the next hits played, “Between Angels and Insects” and “Blood Brothers” it was obvious Papa Roach were treating the audience to a a live playback of Infest. This of course means we get to see songs such as “Revenge,” “Never Enough” and “Binge,” tunes which have not been played live for over 10 years. Despite this glorious treat, the Roundhouse floor is unusually tame, not one mosh pit throughout the entire show.

Thankfully this is not it for the show and Papa Roach’s encore includes 8 more great tunes such as “Scars” and “Getting Away With Murder.” Of course it would be a huge disappointment if we weren’t treated to at least something from the new album, F.E.A.R. We get not 1, not 2 but 3 tracks, “Face Everything And Rise,” “Warriors” and “Broken As Me.”

In all this was a great show accompanied by 2 terrific support acts, one to watch out for being The One Hundred specifically. The only downside of the gig was the audience who were exceptionally tame for a rock show. Nevertheless a top night with great performances from all acts.

Check out the video to “Still Swingin'” here.