Hollywood Undead are one of those bands that, on the one hand, their brand of rap, rock, metal and bad-ass gangsta attitude is riddled with clichés but, on the other hand, as they say on “How We Roll,” that’s exactly how it is on the streets of Hollywood so they quite clearly don’t give a fuck.

Similar to a band like say Attila, Hollywood Undead have always touched a raw nerve with their lyrical content and Day Of The Dead is no different. Ignoring the gratuitous use of expletives (and there are plenty), Day Of The Dead is littered with references to bitches, bimbos, guns, drugs and cocaine. Songs like the title-track and “Dark Places” paint a picture of life in Hollywood Undead as being one long drug, sex and violence-fuelled nightmare. Whether that’s true or not only the masked members of the band and their immediate circle can verify that but, as far as lyrical inspiration, it seems to flow from their mouths with terrifying ease.

Music-wise, the best way to describe Day Of The Dead is like an angrier Eminem fronting a rock band. Again it’s riddled with clichés but, hey, Slim Shady sold a fuck load of records on the back of being an angry motherfucker so I don’t expect that it will do Hollywood Undead any harm.

The thing about listening to Hollywood Undead is that, like all the best/worst drugs, you can’t help but get hooked. Day Of The Dead, like everything else this band has done, is the perfect example of why “outsiders” look at rock music like it is something they’ve wiped off their shoe. However, if testosterone fuelled rap-rock anthems about drugs and bitches gets your heart pumping and your middle finger twitching, grab a copy of this and sign yourself up to the Undead army – they’ll be waiting to greet you with more bitches, coke and booze than you could possibly handle!

Track Listing:

01. Usual Suspects
02. How We Roll
03. Day Of The Dead
04. War Child
05. Dark Places
06. Take Me Home
07. Gravity
08. Does Everybody In The World Have To Die
09. Disease
10. Party By Myself
11. Live Forever
12. Save Me
13. Guzzle, Guzzle
14. I’ll Be There
15. Let Go

Run Time: 58:12
Release Date: March 31, 2015

Check out the song “How We Roll” here.


I have an unhealthy obsession with bad horror movies, the song Wanted Dead Or Alive and crap British game shows. I do this not because of the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll lifestyle it affords me but more because it gives me an excuse to listen to bands that sound like hippos mating.