By Kat Harlton

Actress/singer Elena Juatco just released her debut EP Beyond The Line on March 8th, to coincide with International Women’s Day. The talented artist who got her start at the age of 18 on Season 2 of Canadian Idol (where she finished sixth) has always had a passion for music, and has finally created a compilation of heartfelt songs.

Beyond This Line is a wishful album, showcasing love, heartbreak and those small life changing moments. The majority of the album is quiet, featuring a folk/acoustic/jazz inspired sound, with lots of piano and acoustic guitar allowing Juatco’s vocals to shine.  Case in point, her soft, simple cover of ‘Early Morning Rain’.

Standout tracks for me are the title track ‘Beyond This Line’ and her duet ‘Away (Coming Home To You) featuring fellow Open Heart actor Kevin McGarry. It’s in these tracks that her spirited, rambunctious personality starts to bleed through, and lets her showcase her feisty side. It’s evident that she finds these tracks the most fun, you can clearly hear the passion in her voice. Ideally, I’d like to see her explore this sound further in her future projects.

Overall, it’s a valiant effort for a debut EP and I look forward to seeing where her musical inspiration will lead her.