The self-titled debut release from The Wild Beyond is a bit different from most everything I have recently heard. This classic rock (or “space rock”) release has influences in the vein of Kansas and YES, but with more modern day production and sensibilities. It is a driving record with dreamy almost ethereal passages scattered throughout.

The musicianship is top-notch and includes some fantastic lead and rhythm guitar work; these guys know their way around their instruments. They also seem to know when not to play, which I think is just as important; so many times I hear musicians of this caliber shredding just to shred and not to benefit the song. You will not find any of that on here! My favorite track by far is “Just One Drop,” it has this cool super-fuzzy, retro guitar solo that seems to have been ripped straight from the psychedelic music of the ’70s.

For me the disc opener, clocking in at close to 9 minutes, is a bit long and I had a hard time staying focused, especially toward the middle mark where it slows down dramatically and meander quite a bit. Overall though, The Wild Beyond is a decent record that I think hard rock fans should enjoy.

Track Listing:

01. Fire’s Body
02. Just One Drop
03. Reflex Driver
04. Wake Up
05. Opening

Run Time: 45:38
Release Date: November 10, 2014

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