Recently I’ve heard Sylosis being described as one of two things: the future of British metal, and the British version of Trivium. The latter I don’t believe is accurate, but the first statement is certainly something I can get on board with. Their first three albums certainly showed enough potential, but in order for this to really be true they needed to raise their game on album number four, Dormant Heart.

And raise their game they have, from the moment “Where The Wolves Come To Die” hits, this is the sound of a band in top form. And it only gets better, the title track is perhaps the finest example of how far Sylosis have come, but in truth you could pick any song from the album, including the singles “Leech” and “Mercy,” which look set to become fan favourites, and see how far this group has progressed.

After three albums of mega potential, Dormant Heart finally sees Sylosis put it all together and produce the recording that they always hinted they could. It of course retains their recognisable style, but is also their most focused and accomplished work to date. While there of course remains room for improvement, this high level of form allows for Sylosis to not only be the future of British metal, but also to make an impact across the globe.

Track Listing:

01. Where The Wolves Come To Die
02. Victims & Pawns
03. Dormant Heart
04. To Build A Tomb
05. Overthrown
06. Leech
07. Servitude
08. Indoctrinated
09. Harm
10. Mercy
11. Callous Souls
12. Quiescent

Run Time: 59:15
Release Date: January 12, 2015

Check out the song “Mercy”