Delta Rose’s six song EP, Golden, is definitely a road trip album. Each song seems to fit perfectly with the montages of 20-something dudes driving hazardously near a nice beach covered in bikini-clad babes, except “10 Long Years” which deserves its own kind of montage of stolen glances and sunsets.

Delta Rose has a sound that hits on a bunch of genres. Country, blues and rock are obviously main influences on Golden. The twang weaves in and out the riffs, while the vocals remain smooth-as-hell. I’ll be honest, I have this thing with drumlines being badass, if I feel like a drumline is good for walking cool, then I’ll dig it… and Golden is full of these. The riffs and basslines may blow open the doors, but it’s the drums that walk you on through and make you look cool.

Not only are the dudes in Delta Rose talented as shit, but the entire EP was put together by a very talented group; produced by Isaac Hasson, mastered by Howie Weinberg, with a little help from Guns n’ Roses’ Dizzy Reed.

If you like blues, rock and/or roll, or a subtle twang in your everyday music collection, Golden is a solid move. It’s a great mix of amazing genres, definitely easy to listen to, and pretty difficult to turn off. It’s an EP that’s pleasing to many an ear, so lend it yours. Go on, get out of here and listen to Golden, it’ll warm you up.

Track Listing:

01. Crazy Little Game
02. Chew Me Up
03. Problems At Home
04. One Is Too Many
05. 10 Long Years
06. Golden Umbrella

Run Time: 20:50
Release Date: December 2, 2014

Check out the song “One is Too Many”