The Skinny: Brooklyn trio Raccoon Fighter recently celebrated the release of their debut LP, ZIL, via Papercup Music. Today, they share album track “Wolf At Your Window,” a gritty garage-rock number with raw, in-your-face vocals from lead singer Sean Gavigan. Like the rest of the album, the song showcases the guys’ punk and psych-rock tendencies with a sound louder and more raucous than you’d expect from a three-piece. You can listen to “Wolf At Your Window” where it premiered via Soundcloud.

ZIL, which was released on October 1st and is currently available via iTunes, also features fuzzed-out single “Santa Tereza” and the heavy, driving guitars of “My Ticket.” Its title, which was originally inspired by Turkish finger cymbals used on the album, earned a double-meaning, as Sean explains: “After meeting our Kickstarter goal, we figured it was all or nothing. Zillion or Zilch, or ZIL for short.” And as for the band’s name, which the three get asked about quite a bit: “We met this guy at one of our shows while we were playing under an alias and he told us he was having problems with a raccoon that was tearing up his mom’s garden. He shot and killed that raccoon, and we named our band after him.”

ZIL Track Listing:

01. Delivered
02. Santa Tereza
03. My Ticket
04. Street Urchins
05. Down and Out In a Diamond City
06. In My Pocket
07. Wolf At Your Window
08. Pyramid Scheme to Heaven


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