Sinister, the sophomore release from the Canadian metal act Deathpoint, is a potent, blistering slab of metal that builds on the critical success of their debut Fixation. These guys have a special gift for expertly combining technicality with both intense power and melody. It is as if Fear Factory and Five Finger Death Punch got together and spawned Deathpoint; the dizzying staccato rhythms reminded me of Dino Cazares’ playing and the alternating growling/melodic vocals are reminiscent of Ivan Moody.

This new disc starts off a with what I feel is the weakest track, “For Your Eyes Only,” but things quickly get heavier and gain more momentum as the album progresses. By the time you hit the fifth song “Remission” you are smack dab in the middle of a full on metallic assault!

I feel the band is at their best on their heavier stuff, especially the face-melting songs “Lost Haven” and “Condemned To Suffer”. Easily the most intense tracks on the disc, they both work off of scorching, percussive, ass-kicking riffs that are sure to please even the most discriminate metal head. At the end if the day, Sinister is a pleasantly punishing release that I feel is well worth checking out.

Track Listing:

01. For Your Eyes Only
02. Between The Lines
03. Sinister
04. Sick, Sick, Sick
05. Remission
06. Entitled To Nothing
07. Condemned To Suffer
08. Lost Haven
09. Thirty Stitches

Run Time: 43:25
Release Date: October 1, 2013

Check out the song “Thirty Stitches”