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From Canto’s new EP Ride Away comes their latest song “Dirty Water,” available free as a download! Canto is a garage rock band from Sierra Madre, California that contains three out of a family of nine brothers. All three of the Blackwell brothers are around the age of twenty, but what they all share is a drive and talent that is well beyond their years. The brothers were surrounded by music for all of their lives growing up which made it easy for them to want to pick up an instrument and start playing. Right down to the name of the band which is the Latin word meaning “to sing,” the Blackwell brothers showcase their love for the classics, from literature to music.

This love is readily apparent on their debut release HA HA HA. The songs are a throw-back to the classic rock of the ’60s and ’70s with psychedelic undertones, but they are also distinctly modern. The band doesn’t allow the classic rock influence to leave them outside of the mainstream, invoking a perfectly blended sound that is both surprising and addicting. With the dedication already there and the talent only sure to rise, HA HA HA should serve as a positive introduction to an already emerging band.