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If you love big and chunky guitar riffs then you’ll probably want to check out Sugar Love Honey’s “Do Me Right”. Go on… grab the free download now! The band has some serious street cred going for them with singer Brent Pettersson being the former vocalist of Narcotic Gypsy, a long running indie band that attained some success some years back, including an opening slot at Ozzfest. Sugar Love Honey also features bassist Freddy Villano known for working with Quiet Riot and Widowmaker. As a live band, the group is rounded out by drummer Jackie Ramos, a former member of L.A. stalwarts such as Bad Moon Rising, Bangalore Choir and Hericane Alice.

Sugar Love Honey’s self-titled debut record was just released at the end of 2012, produced by Kevin Delaney whose guitar, production and song writing skills helped fuel indie powerhouses Kreep and Grayson Manor. The album features ten original tracks, including the standouts “Explode Like Sun” and “Thanks So Much.” The sound of the album straddles between the alternative and active rock worlds, not quite fitting comfortably into one or the other. If you’d like a modern dose of ’90s alt rock then Sugar Love Honey is the band for you.