The Skinny: Hear The Sirens is a four-piece pop-punk band coming out of Livermore, California. The group plays an aggressive, instantly catchy brand of the Easy Bay pop-punk sound made popular by bands like Green Day, Rancid and The Mr. T Experience. Hear The Sirens’ latest full-length release, Renegade, came out on September 25th and is streaming in its entirety on the group’s Bandcamp page – listen below!

While that may sound like something you’ve heard many times in the past, you can never go wrong with a solid, huge-sounding, well-written pop-punk record. And Renegade is just that. It’s a driving, powerful, catchy pop-punk album that borrows enough from Green Day to seem immediately familiar but also takes from the legendary Lookout! Records roster in a way that Renegade proves to be a charming listen. It’s not just nostalgia, it’s a great-sounding pop-punk album! Plus it’s getting cold outside so maybe you can use some upbeat music to help you warm up and remember what the sun feels like.

Renegade Track Listing:

01. Last Call Love
02. DOA
03. Our Disaster
04. Renegade
05. Bad Excuses
06. Reason To Run
07. Figure It Out
08. No Hope
09. Forgotten Son
10. Young Hearts
11. Watch The World Burn
12. Goodbye My Love


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