They’re baaaaaaack! Icarus The Owl has just released their latest album Love Always, Leviathan. This sophomore release is in a word, awesome. You can easily identify with their signature guitar riffs which are ever so present in each song. It’s these very riffs mixed with uncommon signatures that sets them apart. I’m not quite sure why they haven’t been signed yet!

Love Always, Leviathan is vibrant, full of energy and most notably, a more mature album. I have yet to see Icarus The Owl live, but they would probably be awesome. This is definitely a talented group of young men and this release is further proof of their abilities. Check out the notable tracks “Rinse And Start Over” and “What We Had Was Never Love”.

Track Listing:

01. The Hum Of A Ceiling Light
02. Nuclear Towns
03. What We Had Was Never Love
04. Tear Down The Mountain
05. Peppertree
06. Conversations With Dirt
07. Tag! No Bases
08. Rinse And Start Over
09. Frog In A Well
10. Swimming With Weights
11. Chemicals And Flesh
12. Love Always, Leviathan

Run Time: 48:51
Release Date: June 21, 2012

Check out the song: “What We Had Was Never Love”