This one is pretty damn interesting. Step In Fluid are an instrumental band that melds jazz, progressive and metal into a pretty cool fusion. According to their press release they are described as “Mutant jazz-core”, but personally I find that to be a bit of a misleading label as this is some pretty solid stuff that even casual listeners could get into. In my mind the best way to describe it would be “jazzy-prog”, but even that doesn’t do it a hell of a lot of justice.

One of the things that generally turns me off about instrumental music is that often the musicians aren’t trying to make good music, but are only trying to demonstrate their chops (so as to win endorsement deals and get some cool gear). Step In Fluid however do demonstrate their proficiency, but also don’t forget that their whole purpose is to entertain while showing how great they are at playing their instruments. Songs like “Beat Hunter”, “Vicious Connection” and “One Step Beyond” are all good songs and not just wanky shredfests for music nerds. Check the album out as soon as you can.

Track Listing:

01. One Step Beyond
02. Vicious Connection
03. Color
04. Dead End
05. Beat Hunter
06. The Bridge
07. Smooth
08. As We Dance

Run Time: 29:28
Release Date: March 19, 2012

Check out the songs: “One Step Beyond” & “Vicious Connection”