Five years after the release of The Other Mexico Lynchmada are back with their third album, To The Earth. The Gold Coast, Queensland metallers took a lengthy time to create these 11 new metalcore tracks, but it was worth the wait. The band really thrashes and the album is full of intense grooves and rhythms. The majority of songs’ vocals are shouted, but occasionally singing fills the choruses which serves to somewhat mellow the aural assault.

As a huge fan of great rhythms, To The Earth definitely caught my attention and should appeal to all sorts of metal fans. While Lynchmada may still have room for improvement, the new record shows a more mature and evolving band. Hopefully their touring will be more widespread and thus will share their music with even more new fans.

Track Listing:

01. What Fresh Hell Is This?
02. Throat Of Stone
03. Broken Bones
04. Earth I Walk
05. Blackout
06. Burial Ground
07. Harbinger
08. Twenty Seven Years
09. What Water Born
10. City Of Lungs
11. Relic

Run Time: 51:01
Release Date: October 9, 2011

Check out the song “Earth I Walk”