The Romance Years is the newest release from Seattle-based alternative rock band Fall From Grace. Sadly this is a genre of rock that I feel has suffered greatly from the influx of mediocre cookie-cutter bands that are so prevalent nowadays. With that being said, I think Fall From Grace does a nice job of standing out from the crowd by incorporating a healthy dose of punk into their music. While I would not consider this a punk record, the overall gritty punk vibe that runs through The Romance Years is enough to set them apart from the pack and make them interesting.

A really good example of this can be found in the disc’s opener, “Your Majesty”, which works off a great hook, has some great gang vocals and is rough around the edges, giving it that really cool punky vibe. I really like the record’s energy as well as it will have you moving to the beat in no time at all. Many of the tunes are so catchy I could easily see them fitting into regular rotation on rock stations around the country. While I don’t think Fall From Grace has created anything groundbreaking or revolutionary, they have made a good, enjoyable disc that should hopefully garner them attention, radio support and a wealth of new fans.

Track Listing:

01. Your Majesty
02. 18 & Out
03. Heart attack Road
04. The Resurrection
05. The Train Leaves London
06. Fade 2 Gray
07. Gods of War
08. Stand Alone
09. The Romance Years
10. Great Expectations
11. So Long For Now
12. Maybe I’m Out Of My Head
13. Fade 2 Gray (Jon Rook Remix)

Run Time: 46:52
Release Date: January 24, 2012

Check out the song: “Hated Youth”