Edges of the World is the latest EP from California based band AFTER. I am new to the AFTER camp and though I had no idea what to expect, what I found was a decent collection of grungy, alt/rock pop tunes that are quite enjoyable. The tracks are really catchy and it’s very easy to see them gaining plenty of airplay on rock stations across the country.

The highlight of this four song disc for me was an interesting reworking of the classic Doors song, “Riders On the Storm.” It starts out in a very different place eventually winding its way back to the old familiar Doors tune; I found it to be a creative and fresh rendition. AFTER have not necessarily created anything new and revolutionary on Edges of the World, but they have compiled a solid EP that should go a long way towards garnering them attention.

Track Listing:

01. Days Ago
02. Bones
03. Edges of the World
04. Riders on the Storm

Release Date: January 15, 2012
Run Time: 17:01

Check out the song: “Riders on the Storm”