I sat down to watch this movie with no expectations at all; I mean it’s difficult to expect much from a movie that bills itself as the “ultimate low-budget horror experience” and “the best worst movie ever.” So with all expectations thrown out the window I was able to enjoy this movie for what it is; a really cheesy, really corny “B” movie that had me chuckling on more than one occasion. The acting is bad… really bad, and is only topped by the incredible lack of any sort of special effects. The overall result, while not laugh out loud funny, is definitely comical and was enough to keep me watching.

What is more comical than a 550 year old turkey out to revenge the sins of the past? Awoken accidentally by an inquisitive dog, Turkey is back with a vengeance. Armed with an axe he extracts his revenge upon anyone or anything in his path. Can he be stopped? Pick up the movie and find out.

ThanksKilling probably won’t get you into the holiday spirit and I doubt that it will be on anyone’s list of must see holiday movies, but if taken for what it is, it’s watchable and should yield at least a couple of laughs.

Run Time: 66 minutes
Release Date: November 8, 2011

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